Committee Structure

ACAATO Board of Directors
Executive Committee is comprised of 5 Governors and
5 Presidents Representatives of College Boards of Governors (25)
Committee of Presidents' (25) Executive Members
Committee of Presidents-Executive Committee
5 Member Executive
CAAT Coordinating Committee
responsible to Committee of Presidents
ensures emerging issues are addressed with the committee structure
ensures that issues with cross-committee responsibilities are coordinated
may form task forces for urgent matters or complex issues
Coordinating Committee on Student Services
Instruction -
Programs Coordinating Committee
Administrative Services Coordinating Committee
Training and Development Coordinating Committee
Human Resources Coordinating Committee

Ontario College Placement Group

College Committee on Athletics and Recreation

Ontario Association of financial Aid Administrators

Health Serviccs Committee

Committee of Registrars, admissions & Liaison Officers

Ontario College Counsellors

College Committee on Disability Issues

Committee on Learning Resources

Student Life Group

Co-op Ontario

Heads of Applied Arts

Heads of Technology

Educational Technology Coordinating Committee

Heads of Business

Heads of Language

Heads of Health Sciences

Heads of Continuing Education

Financial Officers

Information Services Committee

Directors of Physical Resources

Purchasing Officers

Heads of Apprenticeship

College Advancement Committee

Ontario Colleges International Committee

Literacy and Basic Skills College Sector Committee

Workplace Sectoral Training Committee

College Committee on Human Resource Development

Provincial Staff Affairs Committee

College Committee on Equity in Education and Employment

Figure 5. ACAATO Committee Structure; reporting path of College Committees through Co-ordinating Committees, the Committee of Presidents and to the ACAATO Board of Governors.

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