The Glenn Crombie Memorial Award

Mr. Glenn Crombie was a respected leader in the Ontario College System. He especially assisted the College Committee on Disability Services in the earliest stages of development and activity. In honour of Mr. Crombie's guidance, advocacy, dedication, and vast contributions in the area of disabilities, CCDI recognizes annually, individuals who have displayed values that resemble those of Mr. Crombie's. Purpose:

To grant an annual award from the College Committee on Disability Issues to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to students with disabilities in the Ontario College System. Eligibility:

Any individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of Disability Issues (at the post-secondary level) or who has provided leadership in a particular aspect of Disability Issues. The individual may be a college student, an external candidate who is not employed by a college, or an internal candidate who is employed by a college.

The CCDI Executive Committee members are ineligible during their term in office.

Nominators must be Disability Services practitioners.
Selection Criteria:

A nominee's outstanding contribution to students and/or the Disability Services field will be evaluated with the following:


At the local, regional, or provincial level, has achieved outstanding results.
Advocacy: The contribution will have had an impact on the awareness of others regarding the importance of services to students with disabilities within the college system.
Collegiality: Willingness to mentor/ support students and/or colleagues in the Disability Services field.
Dedication: Recognition of a strong sense of dedication to the fundamental principles of fostering services to support students with disabilities and the teaching/learning process as it relates to Disability Services.
Quality/Excellence: The contribution has improved "quality" in some aspects of services to students with disabilities.

Nomination Procedure:

Nominations open on February 1st and close on March 1st each year. Nominations should be received through the CCDI College Representative. One nomination per College must be submitted to the CCDI Regional Representative by March 15th each year.

Nominations will include:
• Candidates and nominator's titles, institutions, addresses and telephone numbers
• A two-page description of the outstanding contributions referencing the selection criteria.

Regional Representatives will convene meetings to select one nomination per region and forward their nomination to the CCDI Executive by April 14th each year.

Selection Procedure:

The selection of the final award winner will be made at a subsequent regular meeting of the CCDI Executive. A record of nominees will be retained.

Presentation of the Award:

The recipient will be presented with the Award at the Annual General Meeting of CCDI and will receive a piece of artwork to keep as a personal memento.

The CCDI Chair will forward notification of the award to the President of the recipient's college.

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