Student Profiles:

Massive amounts of resource information is available to practitioners in the areas of diagnosis, characteristics and accommodations for students with disabilities. In order to present a general overview of potential profiles and responses within colleges, a few examples are included. Practitioners should investigate and review current information ongoing.

In the following profiles, categories of the CCDI Statistical Tracking Definitions have been used, and additional diagnostic terminology have been integrated to provide an encompassing depiction of each disability. For consistency, information has been organized within the headings of Diagnosed Disability, Presenting Characteristics, Relevant Accommodations and Teaching Tips.

Readers should keep in mind that the presentations that follow are fictitious and are not "standards", but rather, are examples only. Many other accommodations and teaching tips are equally effective. The most critical point to be made is that each student is individual and the accommodation response must fit that individual according to his or her own needs.

Note: Multiple Impairments include those students whose disabilities encompass more than one of the disability categories. Colleges are encouraged to isolate significant clusters in this category and include them in their individual report to the Ministry. Student profiles for this statistical category are not included. Combinations of accommodations can be derived from the categories profiled by Disability Services staff.

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