Frequency of Meetings

The Executive Committee normally meets or teleconferences ten times per year, September to June. Each region should meet and/or teleconference a minimum of twice annually. At least one provincial meeting will be held each year.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once a year, usually in June. The purpose of the AGM is to provide professional development and to conduct the Annual Business Meeting. The location of the AGM is generally rotated by region throughout the province. Other groups have participated in the AGM as a means of efficient planning and co-ordination. For example, The Ontario College Counsellors have partnered with CCDI for professional development choices. Other meetings may be held as determined by the Executive in response to system-wide issues.


Accommodations for members with disabilities will be provided to any individual attending any CCDI meeting upon sufficient prior notification to the chairperson.


As per Council of Regents policy, travel expenses incurred by members of the CCDI Executive Committee in the course of their regular committee functions, are to be borne by each member's individual college.

CCDI has, however, developed policies and procedures to offset expenses incurred by CCDI members who represent CCDI upon request. (Approved by the membership at a Provincial meeting February 8, 2000)

Expenses: Guidelines

It is the intention of CCDI to offset the expenses incurred by members who are asked, by the Executive Committee, to represent CCDI. Reimbursement for travel to and from the following meetings is not permitted:

• Regional Representative Meetings
• Provincial Meetings
• Annual General Meetings
• Executive Committee Meetings
Expenses: Policies and Procedures

At an Executive Meeting and/or Teleconference, a majority of the Executive shall pre-approve the travel costs of the designated CCDI member and forward the CCDI Pre-approval Form to the CCDI Treasurer. Costs may be reimbursed up to 100%.

After the completion of the trip, the CCDI member shall complete a Travel Reimbursement Form. The CCDI member is required to submit a report of the meeting to the Chair.

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