Student Profile: Psychological Impairments

Definition: Emotional disabilities as defined in the Diagnostic Systems Manual IV (DSM IV). Classification may include; mood disorders, anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders. This category also permits the variability in the populations of students served in different colleges.

(tend to be captured in the "Other" category of CCDI's statistical tracking)
Psychological Impairments (Student "K"):

Student "K" has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, Type II. "K" has been involved in therapeutic interventions of clinical counselling and medication therapy. She reports that she has also completed transition from institutional care to community services and continues to utilize many supports. "K" is in the Nursing Program.


Relevant Accommodations:

Teaching Tips:

• episodes of major depression

• insomnia

• distractibility

• mixed (low to high) motor activity

• average intelligence

• disorganized

• inconsistent attendance

• misinterpretations of situations

• weak interpersonal relations

• counselling support and consistent monitoring of mood

• tape-recorder and/or note-takers

• tutorial support

• audio-taped texts

• training in effective time management and organization strategies

• test accommodations

• respect the confidentiality of the student when disclosure occurs

• provide clear, organized written outlines of the course, assignments and expectations

• provide advance notice of assignment and test dates

• allow reasonable flexibility to rearrange test schedules

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