Human Rights Code: Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990 Chapter H. 19 April, 1994:

The Ontario Human Rights Code (The Code) consists of V Parts and 48 Sections. Embedded in The Code are Ontarians' rights to freedom from discrimination, rights to equality of access, treatment and opportunity; and, consideration of accommodations in respect of participation in all aspects of life. Enforcement of The Code is clearly articulated and The Ontario Human Rights Commission has released supporting Policy and Guidelines on Disability and the Duty to Accommodate persons with disabilities and a Complainant's Guide. These publications, as well as others, are useful to practitioners in that full details are critical for awareness. The Human Rights Code is the most critical legislation to Colleges.

The Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology have continued to respond to individuals with disabilities respective of the provisions set out in The Charter and The Code. Originally, interpretations of The Code were constructed in consultation with the Human Rights Commission (The Commission). Applications should be assimilated with the total intent of The Code.

Relevant Sections of The Charter:

Application to the Colleges:

Part I: Freedom from Discrimination

Section 1: The intention of the Human Rights Code is to guarantee every person "equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities without discrimination because of race ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or handicap".

Every person is protected from discrimination that results from requirements, qualifications, or factors which may appear neutral, but which have the effect of placing a person at a disadvantage.

This protection ensures that college applicants and students with disabilities have a right to equality of opportunity to participate in post-secondary education (services).

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