Training for Success: Disability Services

Training for Success: Disability Services logically followed the production of the Handbook for Success. CCDI contracted with an independent training consultant, Dr. Jean Saindon, to prepare a package for training that focused on the enhancement of knowledge, ability and flexibility to help meet the needs of students with disabilities (1989, CCDI). Further, the training manual was designed to assist those with responsibility for professional development within the College system and local Colleges. As with the Handbook for Success, all colleges received a copy of the Manual in text version and electronic version. Duplication for the intended purposes is permitted.

Sections of the manual include planning workshops, sample workshops, experiential exercises for participants, awareness activities, legislative background, problem-solving exercises, and, materials associated with debriefing and resistance. All disability categories are addressed in the exercises for the purposes of awareness and skill development.

A contribution to the professional development of all staff in Ontario's Colleges encourages a positive climate for the unique issues that students with disabilities face.

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